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Aerial Drone Surveys

Gridmark Survey are a CAA approved commercial drone service provider operating both Multirotor & Fixed Wing SUA’s. Based in the North East of England, covering the whole of the UK.

We offer, survey/mapping and 3D modelling services, production of photography & videos in addition to photogrammetry, DEM creation, asset inventory, volume calculations, inspection surveys and large-scale mapping.


Drone flight - Scarborough
Drone flight - Bowburn
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Whether you’re inspecting a new building or surveying a large construction site, it’s important to capture accurate data quickly, allowing us to provide safer solutions in inaccessible environments and producing manageable results.

Applications of Drone Surveying include:

Land Surveying

Stockpile volumetric measurements

Earthworks & Construction

Aerial Inspections (Buildings, Roofs, Infrastructure, Assets, Construction Progress)

Precise measurements

Slope / Change monitoring

Terrain Modelling

River & Flood Assessments

Mining & Quarry data collection


Deliverables you can you expect with drone surveying:

3D Models & 3D Point Cloud Data

DTM (Digital Terrain Models) DSM

Orthomosaic Maps

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