Newcastle Cathedral 3D Laser Scanning

Historic Property Restoration

Classic Masonry


Scope of Project

The high specification surveying equipment that the Gridmark Survey team use take years of development so the opportunity to use a brand new 3D laser scanner was an exciting one. Then, add a 14th century architectural wonder in the form of Newcastle Cathedral into the mix and this project was always going to result in stunning survey imagery. From this data we were then to construct a 3D point cloud to be fed into the large scale historical restoration project – specifically critical dimensional marking on site of the groundworks and paving to the new amphitheatre.

Site & Technical Challenges

Due to the scope of this project we were privileged to be granted access throughout the cathedral but one challenge we didn’t anticipate was some unexpected vertigo from one of the team. We’re used to climbing and working at height when monitoring and surveying but the Lantern Tower is 162 steps high which isn’t for the fainthearted or anyone who hasn’t yet shifted a little extra Christmas weight for that matter.
The Trimble X7 Laser Scanner is a new piece of equipment for us but the user interface was very intuitive and as we’re fully trained on other Trimble equipment the team picked up the basics immediately and began putting the unit to the test very quickly – with some impressive results as I’m sure you’d agree?

Points of Interest

Walking in in the footsteps of King Charles I in an ancient cathedral was a privilege. The stonework was some of the most interesting we’ve ever worked with and the collection of ledger stone was remarkable. We’re told there are 136 of these floor memorials and they date from between the 1560s and the 1800s.
As we scanned the whole cathedral this included the stone effigy of a knight from the Crusades in the south transept. The pattern on his shield suggests he may have been from the Scrope family, local lords in the twelfth century.

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