gridmark survey

Topographical Land Surveys

A Topographical Survey is an essential part in the planning and design stage of every project. A thorough Topographical Survey shall define the placement and contouring of an area of land, including known natural features, watercourses, woodlands, buildings, boundary lines, highways & street furniture, along with the position and heights of existing buildings. This survey is a requirement for planning applications and the architectural design process of a new build scheme.

Our Topographic Surveys are recorded with high detail using the latest surveying equipment and design software. The equipment we use to carry out our surveys include Robotic Total Stations and GNSS receivers for integrated GPS surveying. For large scale Land Surveys, we can utilise UAV aerial photogrammetry and scanning technology.

Our survey team produce fully drafted 3D Topographic Survey drawings on various electronic formats, which will include, site levels and positions, to show the contouring and topography of the land, along with reflectorless measurements of known fixed land marks. These can be used by any design teams or architects for planning and construction purposes.