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Topographical Land Surveys

Are you looking for topographical land surveys in the North East or beyond?  At Gridmark Survey we consider ourselves as the topographical survey North Eastern experts and are conducting “topos” daily in the region.  Our geospatial survey team covers the whole of the UK and we’d welcome the chance to work with you on your next project.

Need a topographical survey quickly?

Whilst many of our architect and design clients have a detailed topographical survey brief we’re also very used to working with less prescriptive instructions – either way our experienced surveyors are happy to advise and guide you through the process and will deliver the UK’s highest quality topographical survey data to feed into your design plans.

Once we’ve consulted with you on the scope of your requirements we agree the site visit date and you can leave it to us.  Gridmark Survey are renowned for both a rapid response and mobilisation.  The majority of our clients require their geographical features referenced to ordnance survey standards and this is our default standard of land survey anyway.

We are used to completing method statements and risk assessments and can quickly turn around RFQs and PQQs to meet your survey and project deadlines.

What will the topographical survey show me?

Our survey team produce fully drafted 3D topographic survey drawings in various electronic formats, which will include, site levels and positions, to show the contouring and topography of the land, along with reflectorless measurements of known fixed landmarks including walls, fences, poles, streams, embankments, trees and anything else on the brown or greenfield site which requires a survey.  These survey reports are often then used by design teams or architects for planning and construction purposes.

We are also able to brand the survey with your company branding to form part of your project pack for your customer and if you have a specific requirement for a particular type of layout we’re happy to oblige.

Which topographical survey equipment is used?

We utilise state of the art geospatial survey equipment which we keep fully calibrated, serviced and ready to mobilise.

We commonly use our robotic total stations and GNSS receivers for integrated GPS surveys, along with cutting edge laser scanners 

For larger scale land surveys and sites with access challenges we commonly utilise our high specification winged drones which provide astonishing aerial photogrammetry and scanning technology which can also speed up the time it takes to gather the survey data when compared with the use of total stations and GNSS receivers alone.  Rest assured that Gridmark Survey’s team includes approved Drone Safe™ operators and CAA Approved drone pilots.

Our meticulous survey team then uses various leading software packages including LSS to pull together the full survey reports to provide you with an astonishing level of detail often down to a <1mm level.

Do you work to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) standard when conducting your topographical surveys?

In short – yes.  The vast majority of our clients require us to work to the guidance contained in the RICS Measured surveys of land, buildings and utilities practice standard.  This includes, but is not limited to, the setting out of a survey, the monitoring of deformation and the deliverables such as digital terminal models, CAD and point cloud.

This practice standard forms an important part of Gridmark Survey’s standard operating procedure for conducting topographical surveys so unless otherwise specified by a customer you are assured of a known benchmark

Why should I use Gridmark Survey to conduct my topographical  land surveys in the North East and the rest of the UK?


Gridmark Survey were formed in 2014 founded by a survey and support team who have worked in the geospatial survey, civil engineering, earthworks and aerial photography industries for many years which adds up to over 80 years of collective experience which we then apply to your project.


We understand the key components of conducting an accurate and detailed topographical land survey.  We are meticulous throughout the process, understanding the importance of each part – from the initial GPS location through to the delivery of the survey to your inbox.  We measure our Delivered Right First Time (DRFT) performance and average over 99% year after year.


We believe we’re the fastest to respond to RFQs amongst our peers.  We understand that deadlines are often very tight and have not missed one yet.  We’re also agile enough to mobilise our survey team day or night to help you hit your goals.

Friendly Bunch

We invite you to ask any of our clients how easy we are to deal with.  We’re very proud of what we do, how we do it and the hundreds of projects we’re involved in every year and we like to do it with a smile on our face.


Please get in touch today so that we can learn more about your topographical survey requirements


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